Samsul You, Psychotherapist, BSc, Dip. Psych., Dip. Couples., MBACP, UKCP
“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” - Viktor Frankl

Counselling is a short-term work that focuses on a specific difficulty that you are experiencing. It provides a safe and confidential 
space for you to unload your worries and talk about difficult feelings. You will be truly listened and emphasised without judgement,
which can be a healing experience itself. Through the process you might gain more insight about the nature of the issue and 
understand what options are available for you to make changes. Counselling usually consists of twelve sessions and it can be further
extended as you wish.  


Psychotherapy is a long-term, in-depth work, which facilitates expression and exploration of your thoughts and feelings. It can be
confusing when negative self-believes sustain without a basis, unwanted patterns of behaviour repeat themselves and difficult
feelings are evoked without clear understanding of how. In psychotherapy, unconsciously defined believes, values and assumptions
are explored, bringing more insight and awareness. When you are more aware, you are more able to make conscious changes.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal psychotherapy focuses on the spiritual aspect of life experience. Life challenge is perceived as an opportunity to 
look deeper inside and grow spiritually. Transpersonal psychotherapy encourages you to manifest qualities you desire, integrate   
different parts of you and realise your full potential. Connecting and listening your heart is the core of the process. When you   
follow the path of your heart you experience the greatest joy and healing.